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Dell D2015H Review (8KVY2)

Dell D2015H Review (8KVY2)

Monitor giant Dell has finally released one of its best full HD monitor at affordable price. The latest 19.5-inch HD LED monitor Dell D2015 (8KVY2) comes with outstanding display quality at unbelievable price. Does this model fare well against its revels? Does this model manage to deliver same experience as premium range models? Should you buy this LED monitor or spend little more and go for premium range gaming monitor? We answer these questions and more in our Dell D2015H review (model no. 8KVY2).

Key Features:
Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, ultra-wide 178 Degree/178 Degree viewing angle, decent outdoor legibility, maximum 22deg backward and 5deg forward tilt for comfortable viewing angle, built-in diagnostics technology. Monitor comes with analog VGA port, easy to connect with DVD player thru a HDMI to DVI connector.

The latest 19.5-inch HD LED monitor is not features filled, but has everything to offer a best viewing experience. It comes with bright Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with excellent contrast ratio. Text, videos and games appear extremely sharp and crisp. The display is bright, colors appear quite natural, and identifying individual pixels is next to impossible. Gamer would find this feature quite useful. We found the display to be less reflective and outdoor legibility was good. Viewing angles of ultra wide 178deg / 178deg are also very impressive, and retain most color details when viewed at different angles.

Dell D2015H Review (8KVY2) The monitor comes with all basic and essential features. As the company is targeting entry-level HD LED monitors at competitive price range, the product compromises on few features. HDMI port is one of them, you need an external HDMI to DVI connector (would cost around $5) to use the monitor with HDMI output devices. Secondly, this model does not come with a built-in speaker. Despite the low price, Dell D2015H‘s display quality and stylish design is well ahead of the competition. The plastic used in this model is not cheap and has superior finish that resembles premium product.

It is very difficult to suggest an alternative ‘Branded’ monitor at this price range. Though the model does not come with hi-fi features compared to other monitors in same price range, we liked this LED monitor more. In addition, we do not think everyone will find those missing features very useful. Overall, it cannot be denied that Dell D2015H is the best 19.5-inch monitor well suited for people whom high quality display needed at reasonable price. Priced at less than $100, you get a branded monitor that does not compromise when it comes to display and build-quality. You can buy this monitor for its awesome display quality alone.

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