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Belkin AC1750 DB Review

Belkin AC1750 DB Review

The latest powerful full home coverage Wi-Fi router from well-known brand Belkin is our pick of the day for detailed review. This model comes with state-of-the-art technology and most attractive design. It is worth mentioning that Belkin is a brand name that has always been associated with high quality Wi-Fi routers. But we reserve judgment on this model’s quality till a detailed review. We were keen to know if this device was worth its price tag despite impressive specifications and eye-catchy design. Here is our detailed Belkin AC1750 DB review.

Key Features:
Powerful coverage for large area, thanks to its MultBeam antenna technology. Uninterrupted high speed connectivity (up to 1.3Gbps). Quick and easy installation, ready to use three minutes after unpacking. Parental control, easily block inappropriate contents and tons of other useful features.

The Belkin AC 1750 DB somehow has that WOW factor, or at least a tendency to draw your attention. In fact, the first thing you think of when you unpack the Wi-Fi router is how good the build quality it has. The model looks exceptionally attractive and also highly durable at same time. The model also has got THE brain with beauty. This powerful router ticks all the right checkboxes when it comes to specifications and features. Thanks to all the power under the hood, this model gives very good coverage.belkin-AC1750-img2-l

We could easily browse and stream videos on different gadgets, at different parts of house without an additional range extender. This model is one of the most power full dual band Wi-Fi router we reviewed. With its dual band AC+ technology, the device brings speed up to 1.3Gpbs. The speed is 4.3 times higher than commonly used N technology, which reaffirms the strength of this device. Multiple gadgets can be connected simultaneously and you can restrict inappropriate contents through built-in Norton parental control system.

It comes with tons of useful features to stand out from its revels. Let’s talk about few exclusive features of this model. The model has got QoS technology which automatically regulates and prioritizes transmitting data. The technology intelligently regulates speed to connected gadgets and provide uninterrupted connectivity for steaming and large size file downloads. The models has also got two USB ports (1xUSB 2.0 and 1xUSB 3.0). We used these ports for wireless printing and network storage.

With faster wireless technology and superior design, Belkin AC 1750 DB is certainly one of the best Wi-Fi router available in the market. In all other respects, this product easily matches whatever its rivals has to offer. There are not many alternatives that offer similar top-end features and specifications at this price range. If you’re looking for a premium quality, hassle free router which gives full house coverage, this device should easily be your first choice.

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