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Bonsaii 3S16 Review

Bonsaii 3S16 Review

Here’s our Bonsaii 3S16 review to help you decide whether this product can be your next paper shredder of choice. We got hands on to explore one of the latest heavy duty paper shredder in market. With so many heavy duty paper shredder options available to you; let’s see how the new entrant stands out in the list. This model from Bonsaii comes with decent hardware specifications, on paper. We never recommend a product based solely on paper specifications. Does this model offer a good user experience in day to day use? We try to find out in our review.

Key Features:
Never experienced paper-jam whatsoever, thanks to its Anti-Jam technology. Operates very quietly and trashes 12 sheets at once, in seconds. Easy to use touch controls and very useful auto start/stop function. Not just papers, it can trash CD’s, paper clips and credit cards, in secure way. Energy saving and patented cooling technology of continuous use.

The high security cross-cut shredder comes with three different capacities, viz. 12-sheets, 14-sheets and 18-sheets. We got a 12-sheets (4.2 Gallon) variant of Bonsaii 3S16 as our test unit. We did number of trials with different thickness papers, thin boards and credit cards, and waste compact discs. It really does what its specifications indicates on paper. This model really stands out in terms of quietness in operation. Thanks to all the power under the hood and its patented technologies, we never experienced any sort of inconvenience.

Bonsaii 3S16 Review This model was not just a performance powerhouse but also has excellent durability and attractive design. The Bonsaii 3S16 somehow has that WOW factor, or at least a tendency to draw your curiosity. Design doesn’t appears similar to other budget rectangular boxes available in the market. That said, the model is not exceptionally attractive but looks comparable with premium brands. The build quality of the product does inspire confidence, made of good quality plastic and will last for long.

With heavy duty performance and superior built quality, Bonsaii 3S16 is certainly one of the best high security cross-cut shredder in the market. We feel this powerful model is not very expensive for what it delivers. If the price tag doesn’t deter you, this model won’t be a bad decision. The company priced the variants very strategically, there is slight increase in price as you go for higher capacity. If space is not a constraint for you, we suggest you to go for 18-sheets (7.9 Gallon) shredder.

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