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Sceptre E275B-QPN168 Review

If you are looking for a budget friendly 27-inch QHD IPS display gaming monitor with top-notch specification, this latest Sceptre QHD LED monitor is one good option to take a look at. The new Scepter E275B-QPN168 gaming monitor offers great performance while playing games. This model offers fast response time

Sceptre E325B-QPN168 Review

The Sceptre brand is well-known for offering high-end specification monitors at affordable prices. They also have released many gaming monitors with stunning design and top-notch configurations. The 32-inch Sceptre E325B-QPN168 monitor is the new addition to the list from the brand. The latest gaming monitor comes with irresistible specification and

Sceptre E275B-FPN168 Review

Is your small laptop screen is too boring or missing necessary details while gaming? Then it’s time to upgrade to a bigger and brighter display. There are tons of high-end gaming monitors available to buy online at affordable price that offers incredible gaming experience. The Sceptre E275B-FPN168 is one such

Sceptre e275W-FPT Review

View More Photos Sceptre, the name known for high-end gaming monitors and televisions now has released another stunning monitor to the market. However, this time target seems to be content creators and not gamers. If you're looking for a good quality display unit for video and photo editing works, better check-out