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AOC U2777PQU Review – 4K 10-Bit LED Monitor

AOC, the renowned brand name in display technology brings another good news for computer users, by offering 4K UHD monitor at highly affordable price. The latest AOC U2777PQU 27-Inch LED Monitor is designed to impress demanding professionals, comes with state-of-art 4K Ultra HD resolution and impressive specification. If you are in the market for a monitor that offers brilliant display quality and does not burn a hole on your pocket, read this AOC U2777PQU review further, your search might end here.

The 27-inch wide screen sports 3840×2160 resolution with maximum brightness of 350 cd/m² and 50million:1 Mega dynamic contrast ratio. The screen response time of 4ms GTG is not so great for heavy resource demanding games, but quite enough for other uses. The biggest advantage the user will get on this monitor is it 10-bit color processing, the screen has 1.073 Billion colors accuracy compared to 16.7 million colors on regular monitors. Thanks to its UHD resolution, 10-bit color accuracy, perfect brightness and contrast ratio, the monitor offers incredible sharpness and color depth. IPS technology is just icing on the cake, offering you the same incredible display at every viewing angle.

The screen also has matte anti-glare coating and Flicker-free technology to keep your eyes stress free. Its Flicker-free technology makes use of DC backlight system to provide more comfortable and healthy viewing compare to conventional Pulse Width Modulation technology. The convention PWM technology still causes screen flickering that human eyes cannot notice easily.

The overall look of U2777PQU monitor is clean and sleek, with most of the controls concealed from the front. All of the buttons are found underneath a light up display and are physical buttons, as opposed to touch sensitive ones. It comes standard with 3W up-firing stereo speakers located in the rear of the monitor, which provide decent sound output.

It comes equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port, Dual link DVI port and one VGA port. It has a very small outer bezel that is very useful when attempting to use multiple screens at once. As an added advantage, the monitor is VESA Wall Mount compliant.

For the price of this monitor, it looks and feels like a great deal. AOC U2777PQU is aesthetically pleasing and has great resolution. The color pay off for this monitor is truly excellent, making it a great choice for graphic designers and visual artists. The fact that it comes equipped with all of the cords necessary is also helpful.

In comparison to other products in its price range, the AOC U2777PQU 27-Inch LED Monitor more than holds its own. While maybe not the best for a gaming monitor, for artists, programmers, movie lovers and designers this would be a perfect fit.

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