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Dell P2418HT Review – 23.8″ FHD Touchscreen Monitor

Dell has long been the pioneer in the electronic market, from their revolutionary computers, laptops to the high-end electronic products; they have been known to consistently maintain the most rigorous of quality standards. Today, we discuss and review their new product the Dell P2418HT 23.8-inch touchscreen monitor.

Let’s Begin! What powers the beauty?

It has a display of 23.8″ with full HD, 178 degree viewing angle, you may rest assured that there wouldn’t be any slacking in the pictures displayed on this panel. With a refresh rate of 50- 76 Hz and response time of 6ms, experiencing stutter would be a thing of the past! Typically touchscreen monitors attract figure prints, but this screen is not only finger print free and also glare free.

Most outstand quality of the monitor is its Advanced In-Cell Touch technology that eliminates the need for the glass screen above the actual display, only premium smartphones has this technology today. Moreover, comes with a carrying weight of a measly 3 kilograms, so much for heavier displays!

What makes it so unique on Dell P2418HT?

A clutter-free viewing experience is what you get from this beauty, marked by almost negligible lag, coupled with a smooth and easy movement of the screen towards any direction, add a great and responsive touch to it and there you have a machine that’ a consistent performer. The FHD display with IPS technology on the screen looks miles ahead of its competition, we tested it on various parameters, and it easily bested the best monitors that money can buy, out there, leaving you assured of its high quality.

The display also designed to reduce eye stress by lowering blue light emission. The monitor is highly flexible to set at different angles to your convenience, the IPS technology will serve you the same color details at every angle.

Performance, does it do justice to the price tag?

It does! all of us tried playing various tasks on it based on our moods, expecting a minor scuffle from the device or at least a refusal to work as per our demands, but it performed A-AWESOME on all the parameters, you throw anything at it and it wouldn’t back down from taking the challenge head on.

Build Quality, can it survive a fall?

Well, not if you throw it from a five-storey building, it will not! But, yes the machine is very sturdy and feels like a work of great a craftsman, even when we tried moving it around the workplace, it showed no major issues, the panel stayed put even under a state of constant duress. And the light weight made it easier to carry around, making it highly portable.

How does it stand against the competition?

Very well! Thanks to FHD, IPS and In-Cell Touch technology, all the other machines tested till date by us were nowhere near in comparison to the vividly of display as is produced by the Dell P2418HT, they are all known to fall short on one or the other display based parameters. It may come short on some parameters, like the sturdiness shown by the product, but for close to pennies that you have to shell out for this product, we may as well tell you to go ahead and try it out!

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