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ASUS VA325H Review – 32″ FHD Gaming Monitor

We spend an average of about 2 hours every day sitting in front of a computer. This may not seem much to you but when you consider that this translates to about 31 days in a year, the point starts to hit hard. Considering the amount of time spent in front of the monitor, you would not want to have something mediocre. Therefore, you need a product that will not be just some ordinary monitor, but a superior quality and durable product. You now might be wondering where you can get such a monitor but worry not. This ASUS VA325H review will introduce you one such high quality monitor.

So why the ASUS VA325H 32-inch Monitor?

The answer is simple, top class display quality at competitive price. It is a 32-inch Full-HD monitor with an In-plane switching (IPS) panel. This means that you will be able to have a larger viewing angle, clear pictures and consistency in color, which will improve your all-round experience. The display has 250 cd/㎡ brightness and 100000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Features and Performance

ASUS monitors are widely revered for the gaming experience that it offers. This is no different with the ASUS VA325H and if you love gaming then this is a choice to consider. The monitor has response time of 5ms (Gray to Gray) and refresh rate of 24~83 KHz(H)/ 50~75 Hz(V), which are not so great for a gaming monitor. However, the monitor is powered with proprietary GamePlus technology with crosshair and timer functions that will revolutionize your gaming experience.

The ASUS eye-care technology with flicker-free and blue light filter helps minimize eye fatigue, which enables you to spend longer hours in front of the monitor. The screen is non-glare, as an added advantage. In addition, the screen does not show tailing when touched. This means when you are explaining something to someone you will not be see the tailing that is otherwise common with other monitors.

The monitor is equipped with HDMI and VGA ports that offer flexible connectivity, and has built-in 2W Stereo speakers.

Built Quality

Asus has very few monitors with stunning looks and VA325H is one of them. When most of its monitors come with rectangular or round flat bases, this particular piece of art comes with attractive frame. The display is also slim which improves its overall aesthetic value.

Overall, unrivaled gaming experience and superior Full-HD display that the ASUS VA325H 32-inch monitor offers will greatly improve user experience. Its eye-care technology will help protect your eyesight. Moreover, Asus offer all these features keeping a highly competitive price. So ask yourself, how long will you entertain mediocre products?

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