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VTech DS6621-2 Review

VTech DS6621-2 Review

VTech DS6621-2 Review

We haven’t seen such an attractive designed cordless telephone in a long time. It is one of the nicer looking handset we’ve reviewed recently. A stylish, feature filled yet affordable handset VTech DS6621-2 (2 handsets) is the latest entrant in the market from well know brand. When it comes to features, this model ticks all the check-boxes and has incredible offerings on the paper. But does this stylish handset offer a good user experience in day to day use? We try to find out in our VTech DS6621-2 review.

Key Features:
Expandable up to 5 cordless handsets, Digital answering system, caller ID and call waiting system, stores up to 1000 contacts, call blocking, clear loud speakers, remote access, pleasant backlit display, massage retrieval and lot more.

Before we get in to minute details of this cordless telephone, we want to state that we have been fairly impressed by the design and hardware quality. The plastic used in this model is not cheap and has superior finish the feels good to touch. The design is sleek, light in weight and very handy. That said, the model also has got good grip to avoid slipping out from hand. One of the highlight feature of the gadget is its display. Its extra-wide backlit display lets you see who’s calling at a glance. The keypad is ergonomically designed to make dialing a breeze.

VTech DS6621-2 Review Coming back to important function of headset, we could able to make and receive calls easily. Voice was very clear and we haven’t observed any noise or whatsoever. We could able to catch every word very clearly, even there was bit of background noise in the room. What’s more surprising is that its notification system, in the test we could easily see the notification on waiting calls. Speaking of other useful features, this model has lot of it. One of the highlight feature of this handset is the ability to expand the connections up to 5 instruments.

Having used it for few hours we feel this is an excellent handset that has capability to outshine from well-known brands. All told, VTech DS6621-2 cordless telephone is a fine looking model with all basic features and good quality hardware. Manufacturer has added a number of useful features to the gadget to add value. At a reasonable price tag, this model is ideal for small networks. Going by the features and user experience, it’s hard to believe that the model cost so less. If you’re looking for a best 2 handset cordless telephone at reasonable price, we strongly recommend this model over other.

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