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Canon P23-DH V Review

Canon P23-DH V Review

Hot selling 12 digit mini printing calculator from well know brand is a must have device for small business? We will find that out in our Canon P23-DH V review. Canon, the cameras and printers major known for selling high-quality electronics at affordable price, has finally released one of its best printing calculator. This model has got many positive reviews by the users in leading eCommerce websites. With so many portable printing calculator options available to you; let’s see how Canon P23-DH V stands out in the list.

Key Features:
12 Digit clear crisp display, Time based fee calculation, time and date function, profit margin calculation, tax calculation, works both on AC and AA size batteries, easy loading/replacing of printing ribbon, speedy printing and dual color option.

This model is filled with tons of features to make it one of the future-ready printing devices available in market today. It sports the latest technology and tons of useful functions to satisfy most users. We tried using most of its functions and found them working pretty well. The device does extremely well in terms of its primary functions. Well sized font and backlit gives it decent outdoor legibility. It prints quite fast (~2 lines per second) with black, purple and red colors. Though the font size can’t be changed, it’s easily readable.

Canon P23-DH V Review
Apart from its primary functions, calculating and printing, this model really stands out in terms of built-quality and durability. The Canon P23-DH V is not exceptionally attractive but looks comparable with premium brands. The materials used and the product’s design give it an edge over other competitive models. This model is made entirely of good quality plastic, feels durable and strong. Having said that, the company could have made this model little compact by reducing key sizes. Apparently, Canon prefers to use conventional medium sized key pad most users favor.

Priced at below $25, Canon P23-DH V is indeed a best portable printing calculator that will fit in your budget and is ideal for small business. We think the company has priced the device quite competitively given its top-of-the-line features and great built quality. Canon has added a number of useful features to the desktop printing calculator to add value. There are not many alternatives that offer similar top-end features at this price range. If you’re looking for a decent performing and durable product at dirt low price, go for it.

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