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Powershred LX85 Review

Well-known computer electronics maker, Fellows has released one more high-performing shredder to the market recently. The latest Powershred LX85 model comes with decent specifications to meet needs of small office or home usage. When there are tons of paper shredder models available to choose at different price ranges, what this model has new to offer? Let’s find answer for that question in our Powershred LX85 Review.

Powershred LX85 Review

The Powershred LX85 comes with better looking design than old-styled rectangular boxes. With wider transparent panel on the bin and matt texture, the new model from Fellows definitely looks good. The 5 Gallon (250 sheets approx.) capacity Pull-Out bin is also easy to open and empty the trash. Overall there is improvement in design and aesthetics of the latest product.

The shredder can cross-cut 12-sheets per pass into 5/32inch x 1-9/16inch size pieces, with security level of P-4. The device is also powerful enough to safely shred paper clips, staples, plastic credit cards, junk mail envelops etc. You can use the shredder continuously for 20 minutes and then it needs a 30 minutes break to get cooled. We do not notice considerable increase in temperature on outer casing. However, it is advised give a gap between heavy paper shredding tasks as advised by company, to keep the internal circuits safer.

The Powershred LX85 also comes with SafeSense technology, similar to other models at this price range. The shredder stops automatically if you fingers are very close to the paper feed opening. We don’t see much of new features or innovation on paper shredders, but buying a latest model always helps in getting spares or service easily. The LX85 also does a decent job to consider as buying option.

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