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LG 34UM58-P Review

LG 34UM58-P Review

LG is one of the finest brands of electronics being sold around the globe. It offers a wide range of laptops, mobile phones, air conditioners, televisions and other electronic appliances. It has been able to maintain brand recognition and brand loyalty, which are actually the secret behind its success now. Its products are not only of superior quality and durable but they are also technologically more advanced. People from all over prefer LG over a number of other brands and it is true because of the innovative nature of the products. One such product is the all-new LG 34UM58-P ultra-wide Full HD IPS display LED Monitor that offers better than the best picture quality. It surely makes your experience of watching movies and playing games so amazing that you don’t want to switch it off. The logo of LG says Life’s Good and trust us with this awesome monitor life is actually too good to be true. Get ready to redefine class with LG Ultra-wide Full HD Monitor, here is our LG 34UM58-P Review to explore more details.

Features and Specifications of 34UM58-P:

This smart LED monitor has amazing features and specifications that help you enjoy an amazing time watching HD videos or HD gaming something you have definitely not experienced before. These features help distinguish this amazing monitor from others:

  • 21:9 UltraWide Full HD IPS Display

LG 34UM58-P has an amazing 21:9 aspect ratio, which helps make your movies and games more immersive than ever before.  The clarity and high definition resolution of this 1080p Full HD resolution screen is definitely going to help you experience the best gaming or movie time you have ever had. Thanks to IPS display panel with 16.7M colors, you can view anything from any viewing angle and it will definitely look the crispest and highest resolution video that your eyes can ever watch.

  • sRGB Over 99%

In addition to high definition videos, another amazing feature of this LED monitor is that its sRGB is over 99%. sRGB is the standard color space in which ideal color reproduction can be enabled. It is a great device for not only gamers and movie lovers but also for professional photographers and graphic designers who want accurate color representation.

  • On-Screen Control

It has a number of settings that can be adjusted by making few clicks on a mouse instead of using hard buttons. You can easily adjust the settings in no time as they appear on the screen like color adjustment and brightness etc.

  • Split ScreenLG 34UM58-P-Review

If you like to multitask, then this monitor is ideal for you. The 34UM58-P comes with Screen Split 2.0 technology that allows you to open multiple windows at once with four different picture options.

  • Gaming Mode

You can personalize your gaming mode too with this monitor. Furthermore, you can also set advanced gaming settings to make your experience worthwhile. The monitor comes with useful Activate Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync features.

Thus, if you want to enjoy hassle-free and high-resolution movie or gaming experience, then you definitely need to consider buying this product as it will prove more worthy than you can even imagine. LG 34UM58-P is definitely one of the best products ever launched by LG, which maintains class and does not compromise on quality or technology.

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