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Epson LQ-590II – Review – Dot Matrix Monochrome Printer

Do you want to print high volume of reports, invoices or other documents in short time. A new Epson LQ-590II monochrome printer has arrived in market suitable for high volume printing. Here is a brief Epson LQ-590II review to know more about the product.


The Epson LQ-590II printer has an ultra-speed draft (USD) of 550 characters per second and 10 characters per inch, which makes it suitable for large volume printing in quick time. So we can quickly take prints of bulk stock reports, freight documents etc without wasting lots of time.


The Epson LQ-590II is a 24-pin, 80-column dot matrix printer providing flexibility in printing. The printer Interfaces included is One standard bidirectional, 8-bit, parallel interface with IEEE 1284 nibble mode support and one Hi-Speed USB interface.


Printing is possible in single sheet as well as continuous paper. Paper can be loaded on Epson LQ-590II printer from the front, bottom or rear with three tractor positions – front push, rear push, and pull. The tractor in front or rear push positions it is easy to tear off sheets of continuous sales slips or purchase orders using printer’s tear off edge. Pull position tractor helps in printing thick or heavy continuous paper like multi-part forms/continuous paper with labels. Rear push tractor allows switching between continuous paper and single sheets in easy way without removing the continuous paper from the tractor.


Precise tear-off positions or adjustments in top of form can be easily done in this Epson LQ-590II using the Micro-Adjust function. We can move the paper forward or backward in 0.118mm precision. Three print directions are there – Auto, bidirectional (Bi-D) and unidirectional (Uni-D). For faster printing, bidirectional printing can be used and for precise vertical printing unidirectional printing is the best way. In auto mode, printer intelligently chooses Uni-D or Bi-D by analyzing the data to be print.


Epson LQ-590II shows more reliability with mean time between failure of 25,000 power-on hours which makes the product suitable for challenging conditions and also if maintenance is not possible. Printer driver software and EPSON Status Monitor 3 is included in the Epson LQ-590II package. The EPSON Status Monitor 3 program shows alerts whenever an error occurs, monitors the status of printer and gives the troubleshooting tips.


Overall, the new Epson LQ-590II monochrome printer would be an excellent addition to your workplace offering fast and reliable printing of bulk volumes of variety of documents.

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