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Cudy AC1200 Review

Upgrade your home or office network with Cudy AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router WR1000 to next generation Wi-Fi connectivity, which will provide a wide area of coverage and better speed for uninterrupted working. Let us explore more features in below Cudy AC1200 review.

Cudy AC1200 Wi-Fi Router WR1000 has dual bands – 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5 GHz 867Mbps Wi-Fi Speeds. You can do simple tasks like emails, web browsing and music lstening using the strong 2.4GHz 300Mbps Wi-Fi. At the same time, play online games or stream HD videos using the crystal 5GHz 867Mbps Wi-Fi.

Wireless Standard used in this Cudy AC1200 router is 802.11ac. Specially designed to run high traffic online tasks at triple speed than the previous standards.

Strong network connections over wide distances is another feature of this router. Wi-Fi router sensitivity is boosted with the 2x5dBi high gain antennas thereby providing powerful penetration through walls and floors creating strong high performance network availability in every room of your large home or office.

Regarding security, Cudy AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router WR1000 ensures high security across the network keeping you safe while doing online tasks. Malicious packets are prevented from entering the network with the Firewall protection. Mac and IP Filtering helps in blocking the unknown clients. Separate access is provided for Guest network isolating from the family network. Also parental control function helps in limiting access for kids and also helps in preventing phishing.

And best part is the Cudy AC1200 router is 2-in-1, not only a router but can be used as a range extender also. Cudy AC1200 WiFi router WR1000 can be used with maximum flexibility. Using router mode share internet connection to all devices and with range extender mode enjoy extended WiFi coverage in your home/office.

With Cudy AC1200 router in home or office, enjoy high performance, more flexible internet connection and secure working/browsing over the WiFi network.

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