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Dell D2421H Review

If you are not a gamer and don’t want to spend more money on a gaming monitor, here is a good news for you. When other brands are releasing back-to-back high-end gaming monitors, Dell has launched a new 24-inch monitor with basic features and budget-friendly price tag. The new Dell D2421H comes with a decent specification to meet everyday computing, office work, web browsing, also movie watching. Here is a quick Dell D2421H to explore more about this new model.

Dell D2421H Review

Though the new monitor comes with lower price tag, it doesn’t miss out much needed features and specification. The Dell D2421H has got 23.8″ Full-HD IPS panel with 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution at 60Hz. The monitor has 5ms response time in fast mode and 8ms in normal mode. Considering the price, you won’t get higher refresh rate and response time as high-end models. However, the Full-HD IPS screen offers a good display quality for YouTube and movie watching.

Dell has not compromised the built-quality on this entry level monitor also. The D2421H has got decent looking design with narrow bezels on three edges and branding on the chin. The stand looks very basic, but you have also an option to wall-mount the monitor. The model comes with HDMI & VGA ports as connectivity options.

Overall, the Dell D2421H has nothing much to boast but offers good display and basic specification at an affordable price. If you’re not a gamer or media editing professional, this monitor gives value for money. It’s not that the monitor can’t be used for high resource demanding tasks, the model has FreeSync technology to reduce the screen tearing and lag while gaming by leveraging computer’s graphic card.

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