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Acer T232HL Review

Acer T232HL Review

The well know monitors and laptops maker Acer has recently released two new 23 inch LCD monitors to the market. The model Acer T232HL comes with two variants Abmjjz and bdmidz. We got an Abmjjz variant of Acer T232HL 23-inch touch screen widescreen monitor as our test unit. The first thing we noticed after unpacking is its stylish design. We haven’t seen such an attractive designed LCD monitor in a long time. Will this monitor be able to compete with its revels in the market in terms of value for money? Let’s find answer to this question and more in our detailed Acer T232HL review.

Key Features:
23 inch 1920×1080 full HD resolution with 10-point high responsive touchscreen. Great viewing angles with natural and vivid colors. Stylish and attractive design with wall mounting option. Decent built-in speakers.

This model comes with 10-point touch screen with top-notch 1920×1080 full HD resolution. The 23” edge-to-edge wide touchscreen was highly responsive and we really enjoyed playing with multiple Windows 8.1 applications. The full HD screen with mazing 100 million : 1 contrast ration offers clear crisp display. We were really impressed by its great viewing angles, the colors appeared quite natural and vivid. Games looked absolutely sharp with excellent color reproduction, 10-point touch screen is just icing on the cake. Power games would find this feature quite useful and will really appreciate this LCD monitor.

Acer T232HL Review

The monitor has HDMI, DVI and VGA input ports to support all kinds of computers, laptops and latest tablets. Another useful feature in this model is built-in speakers, which was decent enough for games and watching movies. Coming back to the design and built-quality, we personally find Acer T232HL is one of the attractive touchscreen monitor out there. This model really stands out in terms of stylish design and high quality material. The stylish and creative stand will support the display to tilt between 8-60 degrees improve the user comfort. Acer has also innovated in terms of giving the 23” wide LCD monitor a distinct design identity.

One of the highlight feature of Acer T232HL is the wall mounting option. This feature enables the monitor to function as your secondary television. With 1920×1080 HD display and superior design, it is certainly one of the best touchscreen monitor in the market. Overall, this model redefines the term ‘value for money’ and is certainly a best touchscreen gaming monitor you can buy at a price less than $300. It’s very difficult to suggest an alternative 23” monitor with similar specification at this price range.

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