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LG 24M45VQ Review

LG 24M45VQ Review

LG 24M45VQ Review
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The latest 24-inch LED-Lit monitor from LG electronics is our pick of the day for detailed review. LG 24M45VQ has got decent specification at an affordable price tag. Also the model looks very stylish and attractive. LG Electronics is the well-known brand for superior quality products. But we reserve judgment on this particular LED-Lit monitor’s quality till a detailed review. We were keen to know if 45M45VQ was worth its price tag despite impressive specifications. Will this model uphold the legacy of LG‘s built-quality and performance? We find out in our LG 24M45VQ review.

Key Features:
FULL HD 1920 X 1080 resolution with impressive contrast ratio, very good brightness with vibrant colors. One touch Reader mode with eye stress reduction technology.

The monitor sports FULL HD 1920 X 1080 resolution with impressive contrast ratio and 2ms fast response time. We played variety of videos and games to test the display quality and we were fairly satisfied with the results. Viewing angles are also quite impressive, and retain most color details when viewed at different angles. The 250cd/m2 display offers vivid colors and very good brightness levels. We must point out that everything looks more vivid and detailed in this full HD monitor than other standard HD monitors we reviewed earlier.

LG 24M45VQ Review-1The electronics giant, LG employs latest technologies in this monitor to improve user experience. The LED-Lit monitor has ‘Reader mode’ for those who spend more time in reading and internet browsing internet. It provides optimal condition for reading long hours by reducing the blue light. You can easily switch through modes by one touch button provided at bottom-right edge of the device. The energy efficient monitor also employs almost-zero flicker technology, which reduces risks of eye fatigue by minimizing the flicker level.

Its bit hard to not get excited about the design, the model looks very attractive and more premium. In fact, the first thing you think of when you unpack the box is how good the build quality unit has. The unit has got stylish narrow bezel design with shiny attractive adjustable base. Despite the low price, LG 24M45VQ LED Backlit monitor‘s features and build quality is well ahead of the competition. Overall, the model stays true to its specification sheet. Priced at less than $160, you get a top-of-the line FULL HD gaming Monitor that doesn’t compromise when it comes to design and display quality.

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