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Sentinel FS60 Review

Sentinel FS60 Review

Sentinel FS60 Review
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Sentinel is one of the well-known brands when it comes to high quality paper shredders. But recently we noticed, all of their products are not worth of a buy. The company has released one more innovative and low cost paper shredder to market. The new Sentinel FS60 comes with an innovative design, which makes use of any existing waste bin to collect paper trash. The company is offering this new model at unbelievable low price. Is it still a good deal to buy this product? Let’s see in our Sentinel FS60 review.

Key Features:
The device makes use of existing waste bin to collect trash. Stretchable arms on both sides to suite any waste basket size. Designed to shred 6 sheets at a time including credit cards. Sliding switch to ON/OFF/Reverse the shredder.

Well, the Sentinel FS60 comes with an innovative design to make use of existing waste basket. Before going in to details of its performance, let’s see how this design helps. The stretchable arm allows you to use any size of waste basket, based on what intervals you clear the bin. You can easily pack and store the device when not in use for long time. You also save some money compared to other paper shredders which comes with baskets. Now you believe this is the product you’re looking for? Let’s see how this shredder performed in our review.

Sentinel FS60 Review
The device sits firmly on any waste basket, but works with noticeable vibration or noise. Also under continuous testing, it so happened that the device fell in to the basket couple of times. Size of cuts also doesn’t seems to be very secure, the shredder trashes papers into big strips. The product is designed to trash up to 6 sheets per feed, but we noticed paper-jam few times when 6 sheets were fed. ON/OFF switch also has a manual reverse option to assist in the event of paper jams.

Considering the price, this product in one of the best budget friendly shredders in the market. Overall experience with the Sentinel FS60 was just satisfactory. The shredder is well suited for insecure trashing of junk mails and 3-4 sheets a time. If you’re tight on budget and looking for a medium duty shredder, this model could meet your needs. If you could stretch your budget and would like to go with a better option, we suggest you to check out other models we reviewed earlier. Feel free to browse our shredders review section.

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