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Sceptre E275B-FPN168 Review

Is your small laptop screen is too boring or missing necessary details while gaming? Then it’s time to upgrade to a bigger and brighter display. There are tons of high-end gaming monitors available to buy online at affordable price that offers incredible gaming experience. The Sceptre E275B-FPN168 is one such new gaming monitor released recently from the well-kwon brand. What this latest monitor has to offer and will this meets your needs? Let’s find it out in our Sceptre E275B-FPN168 Review.

Sceptre E275B-FPN168 Review
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Sceptre didn’t have good reputation in the past due to their cheaper hardware quality and lower efficiency products. However, if you wanted to upgrade to a large-screen LED monitor without breaking your bank, then Sceptre was one to consider. Thanks to the brand’s persistent learning and technology upgradation, their latest monitors offer very good experience, whether it is gaming, web browsing or movie watching. The company offers high-end specification at a far less price than other brands in the market.

SCEPTRE E275B-FPN168 is the new model from the company, features 27-inches IPS LED panel with 1920 X 1080p resolution. The monitor is particularly designed for hard-core gamers with a refresh rate of 144Hz. The monitor is also powered with AMD FreeSync Premium technology to accelerate the frame rate. In addition with 1ms response time, you will experience lag free performance and seamless gaming. The monitor ensures tear-free frame transitions, accurate details, sharper and vivid display. If you’re a gamer or video editing professional, you’ll fall in love with this wide full-HD monitor for sure.

Thanks to its IPS panel, the display offers consistent delivery of color and details in wide viewing angles. Other two notable features of this Sceptre 27-inches gaming monitor are the blue light shift that minimizes the intensity of blue light, and Anti-flicker technology. So you can comfortably watch the screen, play your games and work for an extended time without putting stress on your eyes.

Its narrow-bezels design is highly appealing and gives the monitor a superior look. The monitor also sports Luminous back cover lights to make it even more premium gaming device. It engages viewers with its amazing field of view and premium looking design. Also, Sceptre E275B-FPN168 monitor features built-in speakers that provide the decent audio experience.

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A variety of connectivity ports are available including 144Hz Display Port, 144Hz HDMI-3 and two 120Hz HDMI input ports. The stand looks elegant; the display can be tilted by 5deg forward and 15deg backward. You can also wall-mount or use VESA extension frame to set the monitor desired position.

Overall, the Sceptre E275B-FPN168 LED monitor is perfectly designed to attract gamers and media editing professionals. The big screen Full-HD monitor offers very good refresh rate, rapid response time, vivid and crystal clear display, multiple connectivity options, stylish cover lights, and wall-mount option. Notably, all these features offered at highly affordable price.

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