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Samsung C27JG56 Review – QHD Monitor

When it comes to gaming monitors, a 27″ screen likely to be the sweet spot – they comes at an affordable  price tag and big enough to make you feel immersed in your game. Here is a quick Samsung C27JG56 Review on one such 27″ curved gaming monitor.

The 27 inch Samsung C27JG56 is one of the best gaming monitors to buy if you want a higher refresh rate VA panel screen, powered with AMD Free Sync. The 2560 x 1440 resolution WQHD monitor features 144Hz of refresh rate, offering a super smooth gaming experience. The VA panel technology from Samsung has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which throws brighter whites, vivid colors and deeper blacks.

Not just meant for gaming, the C27JG56 has Game and Cinema modes. The curved monitor optimizes the contrast ratios, gamma levels, depth of black, sharpness and colors perfectly to give an immersive experience for any movie or game.

The budget friendly monitor has got everything to rank against its peers. Curved screen for immersive experience, WQHD screen for razor sharp images, high-refresh rate and AMD FreeSync for lag free gaming, Game and Cinema modes for enhanced experiences. Overall, the latest Samsung C27JG56 curved 27″ gaming monitor ticks most of the expectations in gamer’s checklist.

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