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Acer CB272 bmiprx Review – 27inch FHD Monitor

This is the era of multi-tasking, you need devices that increases your efficiency or keeps the entertainment ON while you work hard. The well-known computer electronics brand Acer has released one more brilliant display unit to the market, keeping multi-taskers in mind. The new Acer CB272 monitor comes with an impressive wide screen display and eye-catching design. Here is a quick Acer CB272 bmiprx review to explore more about this monitor.

The new CB272 LED back-lit LCD monitor features a 27-inch wide 1920 x 1080 resolution display panel, powered with IPS technology. The wide-screen display has 16:9 aspect ratio to provide you a better visual experience while watching movie or slide shows. The display supports 16.7 Million colors and has adaptive contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1. The monitor is decently bright with 250 nit brightness.

The 27-inch wide screen helps in arranging multiple windows and work on multiple applications simultaneously. The monitor takes away the hassles of flipping between windows or horizontal pan/scroll during your high intense work. Its ‘almost’ zero bezels designs also helps in immersive experience when you keep multiple monitors side-by-side. Overall, the Acer CB272 bmiprx is designed to target audience who need multiple monitors or an extra wide display to work on multiple tabs.

The Acer CB272 falls short if your looking for a gaming monitor. This monitor comes with a 75Hz refresh rate. Though the device comes with AMD Radeon Free sync technology, flicker-free technology and 1ms response rate, the lower refresh is a major turn down for gamers. If you’re not a pro-gamer, you hardly notice the lag in refresh rate. If you have a decent graphic card inside your computer, the AMD Radeon Free Sync technology ensures you don’t notice a screen-tear or lag during gamining.

If you’re looking for a high-end gaming monitor, we recommend to check out Samsung C32JG56 or Asus VG32VQ TUF Gaming Monitors. If you’re looking for a decent monitor for MS office work, internet browsing, programming, entertainment or even light gaming, the Acer CB272 does a good job without burning hole on your pocket.

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