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Sceptre e275W-FPT Review

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Sceptre, the name known for high-end gaming monitors and televisions now has released another stunning monitor to the market. However, this time target seems to be content creators and not gamers. If you’re looking for a good quality display unit for video and photo editing works, better check-out the latest Sceptre e275W-FPT. The monitor doesn’t come with a boasting specification, but good enough to attract more users. Here is our Sceptre e275W-FPT Review to explore more about the new monitor.

The latest model from Sceptre features 27-inch Full-HD 1080p resolution IPS display panel. No whopping 144hz+ refresh rate, the model comes with 75Hz refresh rate to offer decently smooth videos. The device also has Anti-Flicker technology to improve user experience.

The best thing with Sceptre e275W-FPT monitor is its 99% sRGB Color Gamut with 99% sRGB color reproduction. The screen offers an astonishing brightness and vivid details in red, green, and blue color across a wide gamut. Every image and video looks more naturalistic and detailed. You’re going to love this display, if you’re planning get this monitor for Photoshop or video editing works.

Due to the fact it’s an IPS panel, the color details looks brilliant in wide viewing angles. The monitor also provides 5° forward and 15° backward tilting options, to suit your viewing comforts. Blue light reduction technology also provided on the monitor, to assist you to work on your project for extended period without having eye fatigue.

The monitor features two HDMI ports, one VGA port, one audio in and one headphone jack output. It also has built-in dual stereo speakers with decent sound output.

The first thing that strikes you when you unbox the Sceptre e275W-FPT is its simple yet attractive design and built quality. The monitor looks premium with its narrow bezels on three sides and branding on the chin. The classic design stand looks decent.

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