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Review: Samsung CF391 Series LC32F391FWNXZA 32inch Screen Monitor

Samsung CF391 review Reader’s Review: Samsung CF391 Series LC32F391FWNXZA

Samsung certainly knows what its consumers want. There isn’t much that I need to say considering how great the company has been doing with its Galaxy and Galaxy edge series smartphones. However, one department where Samsung has always been doing great was the TV and monitors. Considering Samsung’s UHD 4K TV are amazing for watching movies or for playing games, their 32-inch monitors has been doing great in the PC market. Samsung CF391 Series is monitor that comes with curved display 32-inch screen size. Considering such a small price difference, more and more PC users are moving to curved monitors over conventional flat screens. That being the reason behind the success of CF391 monitor in such short time. Here is Samsung CF391 review to explore the features and performance of the new curved monitor from the brand.

The AestheticsSamsung-CF391 review

The 32-inch is a bright white monitor with glossy finish, something that you get to see in most TV or monitor from Samsung. While I do prefer black color bezels for my TV or monitor, this one doesn’t look bad except for when my kids touch it with greasy, Cheetos hands. If you are planning to make a window out of your monitors, get the same size for your monitors or the bezels won’t match. The monitor rests on a round white stand that also looks quite beautiful to the eyes. Though the curved display has other benefits like immersive viewing experience, but it’s does add to the aesthetics (and it’s very appealing) on this device.

FunctionalitySamsung CF391-review

Well, I don’t want to get into the intricacies of pixels per inch (PPI) because I think this has been something misleading us from quite a long time. There are more factors responsible for the perfect display than just the density of the pixels. How real the picture would look like depends largely on the saturation and contrast ratio of the displays. Samsung CF391 curved monitor has a contrast ratio of 3000: 1 which is great on the books. Having used this monitor for watching some movies, I felt that the colors were quite real and low-light images were also quite visible. So if you want to use this monitor for gaming or watching movies, it can surely handle the colors. I played GTA V on this monitor and the images are quite smooth and lag free.


If you are looking for a multi-purpose monitor that you can use for office work in the day and for gaming and movies at night, Samsung CF391 monitor is really worth the price. Considering you don’t have many other good options available in this price range, you can easily go with Samsung’s 32-inch curved monitor.

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