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LG 34UM59-P Review – 34” UltraWide Screen Monitor

Whenever a new version of successful product launched, user’s expectations focused on the new features that comes with new model or the fixes to earlier shortfalls. That said, a successor or an upgraded model is worthy of being called so, only if it solves issues associated with its predecessor or it offers considerable improvement in user experience. Here is the latest LG 34UM59-P Review to explore how this latest model counts against the LG’s most successful 34” Ultra-wide Full-HD monitor, LG 34UM68-P.

Features and Performance:
LG 34UM59-P monitor is designed keeping gamers and professional graphic designers in mind. The monitor sports Ultra-wide Full HD screen with 21:9 aspect ratio. The display comes with 2560×1080 resolution and has an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel to ensure even color depth is every viewing angles. Higher dense pixels makes everything viewed to look more detailed, fine, crisp, and detailed for much immersive experience.

Most of today’s gaming monitors boast FreeSync technology on their specification sheet, LG never missed to stay in race with this gaming monitor. The 34UM59-P comes with AMD FreeSync Technology that synchronizes the monitor’s screen refresh rate with the CPU graphics card’s frame rate output. The FreeSync Technology drastically reduce screen tearing, stuttering and ghosting for a smoother and lag free gaming experience.

The monitor comes with Screen Split 2.0 technology, to make most use of its wide screen. This function comes useful when you are multitasking, without need of an additional monitor. It also has innovative On-Screen Controls, all the menu and screen split features can be selectable from mouse clicks, no hassles with hard physical buttons. With simple and quick OSD menus, it is quite easy to customize the layout of your monitor, as you need.

The monitor has 5ms GTG response time and 30 kHz to 90 kHz (V) refresh rate, which is not so great for a gaming monitor now-a-days. However, the response time and refresh rates are less than top-notch, its Dynamic Action Sync feature and FreeSync technology assures smooth, fluid gaming experience. The LG 34UM59-P comes with three different dedicated game modes to enhance the gaming experience further. In addition, its Black Stabilizer enables superior detail in dark scenes, is worth a plus.

Did LG think DP-in port is outdated? The new variant misses the DP-in port and has only two HDMI input ports. However, this shortfall is definitely no deal breaker, as you can find converter cables at dirt-cheap price.

Built Quality:
The new LG 34UM59-P is much slimmer than its predecessor is and looks much finer. Location of I/O ports also moved to much easily accessible place.

The model comes with LG’s innovative and stylish Arcline stand design, which perfectly balances the monitor with a stunning look. The sleek and premium look of the arc shaped stand brings class to the device. The display is also VESA wall mount compatible. Without a stand, this monitor measures 32.6×1.6×14.6 inches and when it has a stand, it measures 32.6×8.7×18.1 inches and weighs 15.6 lbs. The height and tilt adjustable stand allows the monitor to provide a comfortable viewing position.

From premium looking design to high-end hardware, there is a lot that LG Electronics has brought to the table with the latest LG 34UM59-P. All these design improvements add up to make the 34UM59-P a much better gaming monitor than its successful predecessor.

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