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HP OfficeJet 5744 Review – Worth the price?

HP OfficeJet 5744 ReviewWhile the world is experiencing some breakthrough printing technologies, you can’t overlook the existence of cheaper and effective alternatives. The reality is that we don’t really need to embrace every new bit of technological aggrandizement; nor do we need to switch to the latest smartphones, and we sure don’t need a $1000 printer, unless we have stacks of cash with no real use. This HP OfficeJet 5744 review reiterates how useful our existing technologies are and the model is its archetype. However, within the spectrum of ink printers, there is still a need to see if HP’s latest OfficeJet 5744 is worth your money. So let’s take a deeper look at this printer.

HP OfficeJet 5744 Features

This all-in-one OfficeJet from HP has a sleek design and versatile features. In fact, it’s a printer with complete solution for your office or home needs. Here are a few necessary things that you need to know:

Save Up to 50 percent paper

Brace yourself Environmentalists! Because HP’s OfficeJet provides automatic two-sided printing which can reduce your paper consumption by up to 50 percent. If you have a lot of prints to take out on a regular basis, this printer could be a great way to save on the environment and your budget.

NFC Printing

Print lab-quality photos or your documents right from your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet. HP’s officeJet 5744 is compatible with all Android, iOS, and Amazon kind Fire devices. Moreover, if you want to connect to the local internet, you can use either the wireless connection or the ethernet cable.

Very high Quality

HP doesn’t just promise high-quality and ultra-fine prints, it actually does provide it. The printed documents have sharp, vibrant colors, so it’s highly suitable for photo printing too.

SpecificationsHP OfficeJet 5744-Review

The model comes with tons of useful features that would help you make your decision regarding this printer. This OfficeJet 5744 not only works as printer, it also works as scanner and a fax machine. The device can print up to 8 ppm in color ISO, 12 ppm in black ISO and up to 22 ppm black drafts, one of the quickest in the price range. The scan function is also great for digitizing your photos and documents, with high dense 1200 dpi resolution. It can transmission a page in 4 seconds and its internal memory supports up to 100 pages in black and white.

Pricing and final verdict

HP OfficeJet 5744 isn’t the first printer featuring fax, copy, and printer in one, but the wireless and NFC technology are powerful plus points. However, for a normal user, printing quality and speed are the things that matter the most and for this OfficeJet, they both are quite commendable. HP OfficeJet 5744 is available at an affordable price with 6 months of free HP instant ink at the time of this review. It’s definitely a great price for its features, design and quality of prints.

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