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GeChic 2501H Review

GeChic 2501H Review
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Technology has evolved in such a way that Today’s smartphones are no lesser than a high-end computer. The smartphones we are carrying in our pockets works like a mini office for many of us. Over the years, mobile screen size also grown from mere 2-Inch to over 6-Inch. How good it will be if we have a portable monitor that converts your smartphone to a full-fledged laptop? Here comes the latest model from innovative company, the GeChic Corporation. The latest upgraded portable monitor GeChic 2501H comes with eye catching deign and top-notch specification. Here is our GeChic 2501H Review to explore the new portable monitor’s specification, built-quality and performance.

Key Features:
15.6-Inch IPS display panel with 160 degrees wide-viewing angle. Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with 262K colors, 400:1 contrast ratio, enhanced 250cd/m2 backlight and adjustable color settings. Light in weight, sleek and eye catchy design. HDMI and VGA input ports. Connects with smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles and raspberry pi.

Before getting in to its specification and performance, let us discuss why one should buy this portable monitor. The device has HDMI and VGA input ports to connect with multiple devices, we could use it as display unit for gaming consoles, camera, A/V systems, Blu-ray/DVD players etc. The unit could also work as secondary screen for laptop. With additional connectors, the display unit could connect with smartphones to cast screen. With this innovative product, it is quite easy to set up your mobile workstation wherever you go.

GeChic 2501H Review
The latest GeChic 2501H is an improved version of the company’s earlier hot seller model 2501C. The new model sports same stunning looks and design as its preceding model. Though the design looks s

ame, the improved one comes with 1.72 pounds weight compared to earlier 2.3 pounds. Videos and texts look more sharpness and crisp on the improved 1920×1080 full HD resolution compared to earlier 1366×768 screen. The IPS panel ensures same color depth when viewed from different angles.

With a much-improved display on an attractive, lighter casing and at an affordable price, the 2501H is much ahead in the competition. Overall, the new GeChic 2501H is much useful to someone looking for a secondary monitor for laptop and smartphones. A nice companion for frequent travelers and business presentations.

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