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BenQ XL2411Z Review

BenQ XL2411Z Review Our review team found the hot selling BenQ XL2411Z a serious challenger to budget gaming LED monitors. The latest model from well-known and reliable electronic company has got many good offering at competitive price. Our team was really surprised with its price to features ratio. The LED monitor comprises state-of-art technology and stylish design at an affordable price. Will the monitor be a winner in the market and be a perfect choice for gamers? We try to find out in our review.

Key Features:
BenQ XL2411Z is precisely designed keeping high-performance gaming in mind. The model comprises best-in-class technology to offer amazing gaming and movie watching experience. Under the hood the LED monitor has ‘Motion Blur Reduction Technology’ which brings-in incredibly clear and sharper display. The key points to look out in a high-performing gaming monitor are its resolution, refresh rate & response time. This model’s refresh rate (144Hz) and response time (1ms GtG) was up to the mark with competition. The model has got native resolution of 1920×1080 which gives very good pixel density for 24” screen. It also has light anti-glare coating for better viewing experience at inconvenient lighting.

Along with the blur reduction technology, the LED monitor is powered with NVida 3D Vision 2 and ‘ZeroFlicker technology’ for ultra-smooth gaming experience. Blur free display with ultra-smooth (0.001 frame lag) response enhances gaming experience and makes this model one of the best gaming monitors available in market today. BenQ XL2411Z also has ‘Gaming Refresh rate Optimization Management’ (GROM) feature which comes with only few premium LED monitors. Overall on technology and features front, the model is fully packed to beat the competition.

Build quality of this model is considerably good than its peers at this price range. Materials used for outer body are of good quality and feels durable. The monitor looks stylish with its tab-like design and wide telescopic pillar. It was easy to adjust the height and sturdy once the adjustment is done. This monitor can be wall mounted as well. Headphone jack, DVI-DL and DHMI ports are positioned perfectly for easy and convenient access. The hardware is remarkable for the price.

Overall, our review team was pleased with BenQ XL2411Z and would recommend for someone looking for high-end LED monitor at affordable price range. If you’re a gamer or a developer or just spend more hours in browsing the web, this monitor will be a right choice for you. This model has got an edge over its peers in terms of latest technology and incredible viewing experience. So should you buy BenQ XL2411Z? The answer is yes if you’re looking for a reliable, high-performing LED monitor without spending a large amount of cash.

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