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AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder Review

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder Review

Are you looking for a good quality medium duty shredder? AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Micro-Cut is one good shredder available at very attractive price and performs extremely well. This model suits well for home use as well as office use. Our team picked this hot selling document/discs/credit cards shredder for the comprehensive review because of its popularity and positive feedback from thousands of its users. We were really happy with its performance and recommend consider buying. This model has got few good features compared to other products, let’s have look at them.

Key Features:
Multi purpose shredder available at affordable price range. Not just papers, it trashes credit cards, paper clips and compact discs. It performs micro-cut for highly secured confidential documents disposal.

Performance of this device was outstanding. Eight papers can be fed in to it at once and the device micro-cuts them in second. For your information, micro cuts are six times smaller than regular cross-cut shreds and much secure way of disposing confidential documents. This is one good product you can relay upon for disposing confidential documents. The cutter also cuts paper clips and staples with ease, no need to worry if you missed to remove them, or you just ignore them.

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder Review The blade quality in this model is really good and it lasts for long. This model also sheds CD/DVDs with ease. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder has dedicated cutters to shred unwanted compact discs. By providing separate cutters, the company made sure the main blades offers longer service life. This model also has separate slot for trashing credit cards. These features are something we never expected at this price range. The built quality is never compromised, the model uses durable martial and we expect it to outlast.

Considering its price, features and performance, we recommend the AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder is one good product to consider buying. The model fits well for small office and home use, and performance well for long. If you are looking for a good shredder at affordable price range, this model is for you. Overall this model works very well and has got few good features. Other than few key features highlighted here, this device has much more to offer.

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