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Acer Predator XB241H Review – Model XB1 bmipr

Acer Predator XB241H Review

Predator XB1 a.k.a model XB241H is the latest entry in the ACER line of gaming monitors and it’s a model specifically designed keeping professional gamers in mind. Nevertheless, how does this gaming monitor fare when compared to other models on the market? Let us find that out in our Acer Predator XB241H Review!

ACER is an Asian company that has released a wide range of tech related products ranging from tablets to phones, computers and laptops. Their Predator XB1 line is relatively new, but it has already targeted one of the most proficient gaming markets, the gaming monitors.

Predator XB241H review

The first thing you notice after unpacking a Predator series monitor is its stunning looks. BMIPR is no exception; the model looks extremely striking and high-tech. Its multicolor stand and attractive design makes it look like an alien ship, just landed on your desktop. Another thing we liked when it comes to the design, the Predator XB1 can easily be tilted to wide angles, without much of a problem. The design is not only flexible, the monitor is also feels rigid and durable. Speaking of that, you can also adjust the height of this product, we did not notice any problems with this either. The Predator XB241H is very easy to maneuver and thankfully adjusting it is very simple.

One of the things that impressed us here is the fact that this monitor has a response time of 1 ms. That’s really useful especially if you play a lot of shooters, because this type of response time can make a difference while gaming. We could easily notice significant difference between this and other 5 ms monitors, when games like Call of Duty Black Ops III and Battlefield where played. Images were clearer on this 24″ 1920x1080p Full HD Widescreen and the response time a lot better.

Brightness customization was also impressive, you can really go wild with it and it won’t affect the experience that much to begin with. We personally found the 350 Nit to be more than what the average gamer will use, so it’s more than ok here! Predator XB1 has some of the best default contrast values out there and the image is very crisp.

Acer Predator XB241H

Another cool thing we noticed while reviewing the product is that unlike other gaming monitors, the Predator XB241H actually has dual speakers in it. As someone that always tends to have a pair of speakers on a small work desk, this does save up quite a lot of space. Moreover, the built-in 2-watt speaker quality is quite good. You will also have an option to connect external speakers or headphones. When it comes to connectivity, Predator XB1 delivers HDMI support (package comes with a HDMI cable). It is great, considering that most gamers do want HDMI connection for ultimate video quality.

Power consumption for this model is ok, since this is a gaming model it’s created for high quality. we were surprised to see that it is not an energy hog, in fact, it is quite efficient and Energy star certified!

Overall, we were impressed with the Acer Predator XB241H XB1 and happy that it delivers so much value and quality to users. It is not only created with ease of use in mind, it’s also has high-end specifications, energy efficient, has a good, customizable stand and it just works amazingly well. The design looks amazing and comes with a decent price tag; we do not think we can find a better deal, so we do suggest that you give it a shot!

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