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Acer G236HL BDB Review


Pros & Cons: 
Acer G236HL has very good 1920×1080 resolution HD display. It also offers best-in-class contrast ratio and brightness. This model is missing HDMI port and In-Plane-Switching technology for better viewing angle.

Acer brings the cheapest, yet better 23 inch LCD monitor to the market. We reviewed new Acer G236HL BDB to check how good this low cost monitor works. This model has decent specification on paper and comes from a well known computer brand. A critical look at its features and specification reveals that the monitor is missing few high-end offerings. That said, this low cost LCD monitor works perfectly and brings best quality display. Let’s dig further on its features and quality.

The display quality is not excellent but decent enough. In fact, that’s what we can expect at this price range. Of course, its 1920×1080 pixels resolution brings up very good picture quality for HD videos and high resolution games. If this monitor is for moderate uses like documentation, gaming, watching movies and internet browsing etc. you should consider buying this cheap LCD monitor. This model is not best suited for high-end uses like engineering simulation works and graphic designing etc.

Acer G236HL BDB has got all basic features needed for a good LCD monitor. Few latest features are missing in this model but it’s not a big deal if you are not going to use them or rarely going to use them. For example, this model supports DVI-D input port and doesn’t support HDMI input. Also, this monitor can’t be wall mounted. You could really save some money by choosing this low cost model if you don’t need these high-end features. This model has the best bargain for many users.

There are many cheap LCD monitors available in market today but the main advantage we found with product is its brand name. Acer is one good computer brand name with reliable quality products. Even with this low cost product, the company ensured good built quality and performance. The specification may not suit for power users but we consider this to be the best choice for normal use. This model is also fits into budget.

Overall the Acer G236HL BDB has some benefits and limitations as well. The model has decent specification and brings good display quality. Considering the price, this 23-inch LCD monitor is the right choice for normal use. If you run high resolution engineering applications on your computer, we recommend to invest little more and buy a better monitor. If you are looking for a cheaper monitor with reliable quality then go for this model without a second thought.

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